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Ask Anita - Do you ever date your clients?

Yes, I have. And it complicates things especially when it comes to "Will there be money exchanged?" or "Are we going with being boyfriend/girlfriend with no money exchanged?" In the beginning, the business relationship still exists in the getting to know you stage. I have to know that the gentlemen's feelings are true and that the relationship isn't for free services. If I am invested in a relationship, it has to have love on both sides so for the first couple of months, likely business relationship remains (money exchanged) and after awhile we revisit and if we believe this is a true love affair, then we move to the next level as true boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, I am cautious as I don't trust easily. I have been burned before so once bitten, twice shy.  

One thing to note: I can't leave my business as an escort for anyone right now as my son still has a few more years in school (one more year of college and two years of graduate school). I also have goals beyond the next few years (moving south to a state that has a better standard of living than Illinois and buying a house wherever I move to). So my escort business has at least three more years to go before I can possibly consider "retirement".  

Gentlemen that date me usually get a bit jealous of my day job as they don't understand that I don't covet any of the gentlemen clients coming through my doors as being my future "husband" (for those that care, I don't ever want a husband again!). Yes, I have a lot of fun during my sessions but I don't further anything once the gentlemen walks out the door. I am post menopausal and of the belief that love can be shared without a marriage certificate and have no interest in permanency with anyone. That's why I consider myself drama free. I am that GFE without the drama. 

Obviously the benefits of dating me: I am an intelligent conversationalist, I am wildly fantastic in bed with an insanely talented mouth and tongue and I swallow. It would be the pornstar experience at every encounter, he he! 

So yes, I would date a client, but right now I am not in the market for a boyfriend. I would date a client (for business) should they need a date for dinner and of course a session after that. 

Hugs and kisses,