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Ask Anita - Do Escorts have a special skill or use special skills on their clients?

Well, back when I started being an escort in March 2014, I had little sexual skills whatsoever. To be honest, I would not have wanted to be my own client. From the beginning, I had a lot to learn and in some respects, I took the lead from the gentlemen client. I always loved to kiss so for those GFE lovers, that is what I led with and the gentlemen worked on me a bit, as I so love a man sucking and licking my pussy and having my “titties” sucked and licked.

I had to learn how to suck a cock without being “toothy” and over a period of time I did get better at that.  But the skills I noticed the most was the gentlemen’s oral skills used on me.  If anything they taught me how to lay back and enjoy as to be honest, I never had that in my marriage. Before becoming Wild Anita, I was in a sexless marriage for many years. Goodness, I felt spoiled when I became Wild Anita!

My gentlemen clients spoiled me! So the two way street, also known as mutual oral, I learned to lay back and enjoy and I also learned what it’s like to have power in the bedroom. I could control the world with my mouth, the licking, sucking, the lubricating the gentlemen’s cock, the pleasing the gentlemen by sucking their nipples (many say that “steer’s the ship” for them). When a gentlemen would want a round of horizontal mambo with this wild tigress, I learned all the different sexual positions as frankly I only did missionary when I was married.

I learned how to play with my pussy so that I would lubricate myself, if I needed more (I am post menopausal after all), I would add lube and it was then that the adventure started for me! I love intercourse, it is always wild fun for gentlemen to take a ride on “Penelope the Pussy”,  I found that Doggy was one of my favorite positions because I could play with the man’s balls and also play with my clit at the same time. I worked on my Kegel exercises so I could grip a gentlemen’s cock tighter with my pussy. I also discovered the spoon position as well as the edge of the bed missionary where man stands and fucks me with his cock hitting my clit area in a downward motion (Brilliant!). 

About a year after I started as an escort, I learned how butt play, prostate fun, rimming or DATO could really drive some gentlemen wild. I added it to my GFE hour appointment and the response was hugely exciting. My business had taken off and I had become quite the success even though I was living in a shitty apartment in Rolling Meadows at the time. When the opportunity presented itself to move to a beautiful area, into a beautiful townhouse in Schaumburg, I took it back in May 2016. Best decision I ever made, I love it here at my quiet place. I keep under the radar as I don’t take back to back appointments and I allow plenty of breaks in the day between appointments so there isn’t the “line” of gentlemen or no one waiting outside when a gentlemen leaves. I keep my gentlemen’s confidences and it is discreet.    

In January 2017, I added in the light BDSM/prostate massage/strap-on play or otherwise known as more of a fetish session as I also have my share of gentlemen cross dressers, foot fetish, leather worshippers, CBT (Cock and ball torture), tease and denial, bondage, those that love spankings or role play, and just being that dominating “Mistress Anita” that gentlemen want. I have many that love being my “Sub”.  They love being told to suck and lick my pussy, suck my titties and to let me ride their faces! And when I give them their happy ending after they have given me mine, well, they leave with a smile on their faces.

So back to the skills that escort’s use, deep french kissing (or in my bedroom “make-out sessions!), oral and just outright cock worship, for those clean, freshly showered gentlemen, a bit of rimming, butt play and prostate massage and some horizontal mambo (using my tight pussy to squeeze them). For those gentlemen that love their nipples played with, suctioning and licking their nipples and for those that like nipples bit, I can do that. I am the “pleaser” which means I love the power I have in the bedroom. For those into more the fetish, being the dominating “Mistress Anita” for those gentlemen that want that. A whole other realm exists for those gentlemen that loved to be fucked with a strap-on. I have gotten quite skilled at role play, pretty much can play any character and make it convincing for the entire appointment.  I have lots of stories to tell as you can tell by my blog!

So for those still on the “fence”, I am hoping you gain the courage and fall off the fence soon to enjoy the wild fun that my bedroom has to offer.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,