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Ask Anita - Can you get emotional intimacy from being with an Escort?

Well, there are some providers/escorts that are great at the GFE (girlfriend experience) and actively listen and show concern and can be a "friend" in addition to being great lovers. I consider myself as being in tune with many of my regular clientele, actively being a sounding board, a complaint listener and providing whatever advice I can offer along the way as well as being a passionate lover. Many men have asked if I have taken any psychology courses even (answer: yes I have but a LONG time ago). 

The big issue with providers being that sounding board, great friend and lover is that it still remains a business relationship because money is still being passed. We cannot become a "real girlfriiend" but we are a form of "surrogate girlfriend" that provides the gentlemen with a relationship that they are missing. As long as the gentlemen doesn't become too attached and understand that it is more of a temporary thing. Many providers do have future plans to get out of the business and even move away. So the gentlemen have to be able to understand that it provides them with what they need NOW but we could up and leave in the future. 

For those married gentlemen, most don't want a real girlfriend because it is too risky anyway. They worry that a real girlfriend will become too attached and want them to leave their wives for them. So this provider that is their "surrogate girlfriend", well it's a perfect relationship as they can have their cake and eat it too. They will remain married and still get all the pieces that they are missing from their broken marital relationship and the "surrogate girlfriend" is a no drama girlfriend. They can see her when they have the money to do so and then go home to their wives. 

That is why I consider myself the marriage prolonger, gentlemen. I give men what they seek for NOW and it is enough for many to go home and have a quiet peaceful no issues household. You don't have to bug the wife for the physical aspects of a relationship which could start a donnybrook of an argument. You can have a stress free environment. I do believe that a man can still love his wife and still seek that emotional and physical intimacy elsewhere. Remember, at one time you did have it all with your wife, emotional/physical intimacy, friendship, support and just an outright great relationship and then, well "real life" happened, children, lots of stress with work, financial stresses, then sickness issues maybe with both wife and you, wife went through menopause, and well then here you are, holding "skippy" and wishing there was a way for you to have it all again.

Becoming friends with Mr. Hand over a period of time and then, what do you do? Mr. Hand cannot provide the emotional intimacy you seek in addition to the physical intimacy. You are back to looking at your relationship from the outside and realizing you cannot get back what you had and cannot break it up due to the expense of a divorce, and children and grandchildren. So plan B requires a third set of hands and mouths in the mix, one that can give you what you are missing but not cause a divorce. Wow, what a relief that hour with a provider is to you. I have many gentlemen that see me weekly, bi-weekly and monthly for multiple hour appointments (two, three hours) so they can have something special just for them and then go home and BE HAPPY there too. 

I will remind gentlemen as they seek that no drama girlfriend to look deeply for someone safe that does do a great job of verification. I know many of you fence riders do not want to reveal anything about youselves but really understand that the providers that have many legitimate reviews on TER and do verify their clients closely, those providers usually are not the trouble makers, drama seekers and looking to break up your marriages or extort money from you. What I do chases a lot of police officers away and therefore my information and phone is very safe since I won't be getting arrested anytime soon. There are many backpage providers being used to bust "Johns" and many that have pimps in the backgrounds so if they don't ask many questions and simply provide an address, I would suggest you do not go seek those providers. You could be setup to being busted or robbed/extorted. Use your big head, gentlemen. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,